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The only news lately is that a number of antique shops have closed - in
part because of the rising cost of rents.
Antique Shopping Guide for Charleston, SC
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Clyde H. Shokes, Jr.
A native eighth
Completely objective
advice on antique
Charleston SC has better than ever
antique shops - but who has the time to
see them all?  
Now you can search this site for
antiques, shows, estate sales, etc... and
plan your shopping!
Antique Shopping News:
Go to the Charleston Antiques Shop
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list of antique shops.                 
Most shops have their own page and
you can see what they sell.
(Many have closed.)
You can plan your shopping!
**This site is NOT PAID FOR by the antique shops.  
It is provided as a public service for the benefit of everyone.  
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International Antiques
Show 2009
This news article was in the January to March issue of
the CHARLESTON GATEWAY magazine (2009), the
most respected shopping and visitor guide since 1955.
Classic antique statues that were at the John M
Dunnan Galleries:
Charleston Art Auction
Nov. 2009
Lowcountry Winter
Coin Show 2010
International Antiques
Show 2010
The following are Links to a page of pictures of these
important shows.  No other site has all this information.
Charleston Antiques Show 2017
A Historic Charleston Foundation show
pictures - Click this Link
Charleston Art
Auction 2010
SC Archives Sale of old
Bank Notes or Money:
This link takes you to the Very Important site
for the
SC State Archives Sale of old "Bank
Notes", or money from before, during and after
CIVIL WAR.  The sale is over, so be sure
to see the final sales prices.  They were higher
than many expected.
International Antiques
Show 2011
Charleston Civil
War Show  2012
This site is updated all the time.
International Antiques
Show 2013
Charleston Civil
Show  2009
Civil War Show 2010
Charleston Civil
War Show 2014
Charleston Civil
War Show 2013
Be sure to navigate all the way
to the right to see everything.
Charleston Antiques Show
2016  link
Moore House Antiques
David Skinner Antiques
Wynsum Antiques
Charleston Antiques
Show 2018
This site is your source for beautiful,
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Find  the old, unusual, eclectic things
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