Handmade, somewhat
Primitive, very strong &
well made.  7 feet tall,
44.5 inches wide, & 20
inches deep.  Original
hardware. Believed to
have been made for
Plantation cowboys in SC
& used in bunkhouses,
made to travel with them.  
Doors are not attached.  
In very good condition.    
Made of Douglas Fur.
This website was founded by Clyde H. Shokes, Jr. on
Dec. 31, 2006. The founding idea was to create a
website with objective news and pictures of what the
antique shops have to sell today.  Antique shoppers can
then decide for themselves where to go and what to

The antique shops are not charged anything, so there is
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No other site provides this kind of information.  It
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Also, many antique dealers have to move, close,
re-open, reinvent themselves, take in new partners, sell
estates with antique collections, etc...  Their websites
change, their phone numbers change, they go on antique
shopping trips for a month or two.  Who can keep up
with it all?  This site tries to do all of that.  It is an
informational website.  Also, it is great for people who
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There are Links on the Home page to special antique
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All of the photography is done by Clyde H. Shokes, Jr.  
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This is an old,
around 1950,s
Plantation, at
Willtown Bluff, SC,
on the Edisto
River, just above
Edisto Island.  
{The former home
of Barbara Hutton,
the Woolworth